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Brighter Side Treatment was started in May of 2018 and we started taking on our clients in August of 2018. We have quickly become one of the best recovery support groups and drug rehabilitation centers in Evansville, IN.

We offer a variety of services for clients who are seeking help in the below areas:

•Sublocade Treatment
•Suboxone Treatment’
•Vivitrol Treatment
•Opioid Dependance
•Heroin Dependance
•Meth Dependance


Brighter Side Treatment has become successful because the medication is known as the Golden Standard for Individuals with opioid dependence. Everyone who works for Brighter side, has a passion for recovery. We are here to help you! Our goal for the business is to help any and all that want to live a better life for themselves and get clean off of drugs and alcohol. Learn more about your recovery options here in Evansville, IN

We’re Here to Help

Brighter Side Treatment, LLP is a trusted drug addiction treatment facility in Evansville, IN. You can rely on our trained medical and counseling professionals to help you or your loved one overcome an addiction. As a team, we’ll work together to help you achieve sobriety and reach your full potential. 


Many Evansville, IN residents depend on our drug rehabilitation services to help them overcome issues in their lives. When you choose us, you’ll receive personalized care from:

Experienced physicians
A team of nurse practitioners
Peer support specialists
Socials workers

Our goal is to help you recover. Together, there is no obstacle too big for us to overcome. Contact Brighter Side Treatment for additional details about our drug addiction treatment center.

Brighter Side Treatment is a great facility with caring staff that will help you through your recovery and really care that you are successful.

Aaron R.

This business has changed my husbands life. We knew we were at the right place, the first time we met with Brandon. Forever grateful for Brighter Side and Brandon.
Ryan F.

Brighter Side Treatment is truly my saving grace and is exactly what Evansville needs. If it wasn’t for Brighter Side and their staff I don’t know where I would be today. Each and every one of the staff here have beautiful souls and only want to see recovery at the end of the day. Suboxone has worked tremendously for myself and many others! Brighter Side has given me control over my life again. Thank you!
Kristina T.

Brighter Side Treatment is the best!! Brandon and his staff treat you like family. They don’t just come for a paycheck, they come because they really love what they do and Brandon, It’s his passion to help people. If anybody needs help I definitely refer B.S.R!!! ☀️ 5 Stars all day!!! ⭐️

Kelly J.