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It’s estimated that over 9.2 million people suffer from heroin addiction. Brighter Side Treatment, LLC is a recovery center in Evansville, Indiana. We help heroin addicts make full recoveries through medication-assisted treatment. 

Don’t continue to suffer from the effects of heroine abuse

Heroin is derived from morphine-a potent prescription pain medication. It works by depressing your central nervous system, inhibiting your ability to feel pain while causing a sense of euphoria and well-being. It causes strong feelings of relaxation and a pleasant detachment from one’s surroundings. However, once the high wears off, withdrawal can be unpleasant, uncomfortable and even life-threatening.

Heroin withdrawal is a major catalyst for continued heroin abuse. Medication-assisted addiction treatment can stop the cycle by decreasing the effects of withdrawal and reducing cravings. Visit our rehab center in Evansville, Indiana today to learn more about our treatments.



Medication-assisted addiction treatment is a method to help those battling heroin addiction to take the first steps toward recovery. The medications used:
Are safe to use
Are cost-effective
Increase treatment retention
Improve social functioning
Reduce the risk of overdose

Take Control of Your Life

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