Understanding How Oxycodone Affects You.

Oxycodone otherwise known as “Oxy” is a prescription drug typically prescribed to those who experience moderate to severe pain. It is easy to become addicted to this particular medication especially if you are not correctly monitored.

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Like morphine, Oxycodone is also considered an Opioid and can be found in a number of different drugs you may have heard of like:

Oxycontin (can be prescribed after removing wisdom teeth)
When taking this medication, the side effects can leave you feeling “loopy” and very out of it. These side effects can leave someone who is addicted to oxycodone wanting more. Much like other addictive medications, the withdrawals can be so much that a person will continue to use so they don’t feel bad which can lead to several long-term health problems.

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Our professionals at Brighter Side Treatment are here to help you or a loved one get through this addiction. We believe that through therapy and using medication assisted treatment, we can help you push through your addiction and get back to your every day lives! Medication Assisted treatment used to help treat our clients are:
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We know you can get through this will the support you need and deserve. Let us help you make the steps towards a healthier life and get you back to your day.