Don’t Spend Another Day Suffering in Silence Over Percocet Addiction

Do you need addiction treatment for Percocet abuse in Evansville, Indiana? Brighter Side Treatment, LLC is a rehab center that uses medication-assisted treatment to help opiate addicts end their dependence on substances like Percocet. Percocet abuse is dangerous and, in some cases, deadly. If you or a loved one needs Percocet addiction treatment, it’s important to get help as soon as possible.


Percocet is a prescription medication used to treat moderate to severe acute pain. It has two active ingredients: oxycodone and acetaminophen. When abused, acetaminophen can cause severe liver damage, while oxycodone overdose can result in temporary unconsciousness, brain damage and death.

Percocet abuse is associated with:
Organ damage and failure
Respiratory problems
Brain damage

Take The First Step Towards Recovery


Because Percocet includes oxycodone, you can develop a tolerance to the drug. This means that you’ll need larger and larger doses to experience the pain-relieving effects. This leads to addiction. Don’t wait for your addiction to get worse. Speak with a professional from our Percocet recovery center in Evansville, Indiana today.

Take Control of Your Life

We know you can get through this will the support you need and deserve. Let us help you make the steps towards a healthier life and get you back to your day.